Global Education Challenge

An estimated 244 million children across the world are deprived of education due to social, economic and cultural factors. (Source: UNESCO)


The Fitch Group x Social Shifters Global Education Challenge is designed to enable young people (18-30 years) to explore, start and grow ideas that support better access to free and high-quality education for all.

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A cash award of $10,000 will be given to the best idea and our 100% FREE digital incubator program will be available to all eligible applicants, worldwide. The awards will support the winners in further developing & investing in their ideas.

Accelerating Next Gen Leaders, Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Social Shifters are next generation leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs with fresh solutions to the most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Our Global Innovation Challenge brings together a coalition of the world’s leading businesses to set Challenges that will accelerate the work of these young changemakers.

Our Shared Education Challenge

Access to education is a basic human right enabling upward socio-economic mobility and an escape route from poverty. Yet 244 million children and young people are not in school and an estimated 70% of 10-year-olds are unable to understand simple written text. Education is in crisis. High rates of poverty, exclusion and gender inequality continue to hold millions back from learning. Moreover, the pandemic further exposed the inequities in education access and quality, whilst violence, armed conflict, disasters and reversal of women’s rights have increased insecurity. It is now time to reimagine education in order to better meet the needs of children and young people everywhere.

Source: UNESCO

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Develop your skills, confidence & future prospects with help from skilled mentors & as part of a supportive global community.

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Compete for an award of $10,000 to deliver activities that help ensure access to education for all. 

Providing Universal Access to Quality Education

The Global Education Challenge is looking for innovative ideas, projects and business solutions that support better access to free and high-quality education for all. We are looking for lasting solutions that can be delivered on an ever-increasing scale, and which can be replicated in different geographies.

We are particularly interested in innovative solutions that:

  • Widen access to basic mathematics and literacy skills
  • Promote financial inclusion through education
  • Deliver education to remote and rural communities
  • Eliminate gender disparities in education

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Global Innovation Challenge 2022 Award Winner

Joseph Orya | 24 | Peddle ILabs | Nigeria

Joseph is developing an innovative peddle-powered solution to tackle educational inequalities. Using mobile, solar-powered digital classrooms, Peddle ILabs is taking previously unavailable digital learning opportunities to students in low-income rural communities across Nigeria.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Global Goals are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a "shared blueprint” for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.


The Global Education Challenge relates in particular to SDG 4 - Quality Education. You can find more information on SDG 4 (and the global work contributing to it) on the UN’s SDG website.

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What’s in it For Me?

All eligible entrants will receive free access to our Digital Incubator program, including access to e-learning, exclusive events, and online coaching. 

Finalists will be matched with coaches from some of the world's leading companies. 

The winner of the Global Refugee Challenge will receive a $10,000 USD award, and all shortlisted finalists will get access to mentorship and opportunities for media publicity.

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Fitch Group, a global leader in financial information services, is committed to improving access to education through investing company resources and by using the skills and expertise of its people worldwide.

Fitch Group is comprised of: Fitch Ratings, a global leader in credit ratings and research, and Fitch Solutions, a leading provider of insights, data and analytics. With dual headquarters in London and New York, Fitch Group is owned by Hearst.

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